Five B2B Appointment Setting Tips for Top Sale Performers

Five B2B Appointment Setting Tips for Top Sale Performers

Five B2B Appointment Setting Tips for Top Sale Performers

One of the most difficult tasks for the sales team is getting new accounts and setting meetings. If you’re looking for new ways to increase your odds of landing initial meetings, we’ve got you covered. This blog will go over proven tips and tricks for B2B appointment setting to prospect for new business with great success.

1. Leverage referrals

B2B lead generation and appointment setting require a lot of hard work. The best way to get your foot in the door is to ask for recommendations from peers. Referrals end up creating 65 percent of new business opportunities. When someone refers your name and product to a prospect, buyers will be more open to speaking with you based on the trust they have in the referrer.

You can speed up the process of reaching C-suite decision-makers by asking key contacts in your LinkedIn network for a referral. Exhaust all opportunities by reaching out to colleagues, past opportunities, and existing customers—you never know which business leaders they can connect you to.

2. Tap account-based marketing

If you’re looking to connect with high-value accounts, tap account-based marketing (ABM) to drive awareness and responses from prospective companies. It’s a digital marketing strategy where you concentrate resources on a set of target accounts. After categorizing the leads you want to pursue,  work with the marketing team to tailor campaigns and target the leads directly with a personalized strategy. If you’re doubtful of its perceived benefits, consider this: 76 percent of B2B marketers agree ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of data-packed pitches

When it comes to B2B appointment setting, be as concise as possible in your sales pitches. People usually don’t buy into the hype, but they’ll buy into data and facts. Highlight your biggest wins, and explain where you’ve driven measurable bottom-line impact. Focus on results or prove you can optimize for success. Overall, prepare alternative options that could get a soft yes if you think you’re headed for a hard no.

4. Cold calling is far from dead

Setting appointments is the key to successful sales. And if you’re planning to call prospects, do thorough research to do it right. To sell yourself well enough on an appointment-setting sales call, become familiar with the prospect and their pain areas. 

Next, prepare an agenda beforehand: all the talking points about how to pitch your offering and its unique value. When it’s clear to the lead that you have an agenda of your own, it shows you’re prepared and builds their confidence that working with you will be easier and more transparent. At the end, when you can sense that the prospect is considering this as a viable opportunity, schedule a follow-up call or meeting.

5. Connect with an appointment-setting specialist

If you feel you don’t have the bandwidth to do the necessary prospecting and lack the marketing resources to effectively run the campaigns, we’ve got you covered. With Linked Strategies, you’ll leverage targeted messaging to drive attention from high-value clients. You can also outsource and fully automate the process of driving new referrals with us. 

We help companies generate, on average, 100 to 200+ prospect-qualified meetings per year with their most ideal decision-makers, no matter how senior the target. Contact us today and we’ll work with you for appointment setting with your most preferred leads.

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