Effective Tactics to Get More Client Referrals

Effective Tactics to Get More Client Referrals

Effective Tactics to Get More Client Referrals

One of the most trusted ways to win new clients is through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Seventy-eight percent of B2B marketers say that referral programs generate good or excellent leads. If you’re looking to leverage referral marketing but worried about its effectiveness, this blog will give you sufficient reasons to tap into this lead generation avenue. We’ll also cover proven tips to design a client referral program that’s efficient and gets you results.

How referral marketing works and why it’s so effective

Referral marketing involves existing happy customers promoting your product to peers and friends. You can also tap social media influencers and employees to refer your brand to key prospects. While some do word-of-mouth by choice, others need to be incentivized with rewards. In general, client referral programs enhance your business’s credibility, making it easier for other prospects to trust you. 

These advocates can be your biggest lead generators—their recommendations act as a vote of confidence, which is an influential social proof. Overall, the process is cost-effective compared to other outreach campaigns. 

Proven ways to secure more referrals

Existing clients can provide you with a wealth of referrals, as long as they’re currently benefiting from your services. Here are proven tips to go the extra mile in serving them and rewarding them for spreading positive word about your brand.

Boost customer loyalty by offering value

Word of mouth by loyal customers is one of the most powerful ways to propel referrals for your company. So, make sure they feel valued and inspired to become loyal. This can be done by boosting engagement strategies and maximizing experience at each customer touchpoint. If you want to get your loyal customers raving about your service, continue to provide value-enhancing services, frequent
check-ins, and personalized customer services.

Offer reward and referral programs 

Your most loyal customers are likely to refer to your company the most. Offer them something valuable in return so they’ll scour their networks for a good referral. Create a customer loyalty program—point-based or premium membership—that rewards them for advocating on your behalf. Go above and beyond for incentivizing them with exclusive offers, points, or discounts when they refer their friends and other businesses to use your services. 

Leverage Google reviews for advocacy

To set yourself up for success, convert positive customer experiences into advocacy. Encourage your customers to write online testimonials and reviews. You can make it fun by gamifying the entire experience by tying points to every product review or feedback given. By opening yourself up to genuine reviews, it’s inevitable you’ll  encounter negative sentiments. But stay assured this adds legitimacy to online reviews. And this gives you the opportunity to know clients that need special focus and the areas that need improvement.

Tap LinkedIn connections and network

You can also improve your odds of success by seeking connections in your customers’ network on LinkedIn. For instance, LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search feature makes it easy to turn up qualified second-degree connections that your customers can introduce you to.

Partner with Linked Strategies

With Linked Strategies’ expansive network of Fortune 500 companies, you can leverage referrals for your business. We provide our clients with the right strategies to grow their networks in relevant industries through our relationship-building skills. 

Our “Clients for Life” program provides a structured and consistent, high-touch process of personalized communications, and gifting to cultivate the conditions that promote greater referrals, engagement, and renewals. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to find and nurture referrals.

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