Unconventional Ways to Generate B2B Leads

Unconventional Ways to Generate B2B Leads

Unconventional Ways to Generate B2B Leads

Getting success with prospecting may get difficult when you repeat the same old techniques. Sixty-one percent of marketers have already marked lead gen as their biggest challenge. It’s time to give a unique spin to traditional strategies and opt for unconventional ways to ace the B2B lead generation game. 

If you have tried and tested all the conventional means to secure new customers and are looking for the next, best options, we’ve got you covered. This blog will cover exclusive tips and tricks to optimize your lead funnel and generate B2B leads.

Explore networking events 

Events, such as webinars and conferences, are good places to improve your visibility and get high-quality leads. By attending such networking opportunities, you can gauge the preferences of your prospects, and position your product directly in front of them. By participating in key speaking engagements, you can place your brand as a thought leader and generate more organic leads. 

And if you have the budget and bandwidth, you can conduct your own webinar or podcast, wherein you connect with experts in your field and establish partnerships with prospective customers. Even though it can be a lot of work, the potential for generating leads, converting customers, and boosting ROI make it worthwhile. 

Use affiliate networks 

Partnerships with affiliates—social media influencers, bloggers, and publishers—can be extremely valuable for brands attempting to promote their B2B business and target prospective B2B customers. These are usually trusted content creators in your industry whom potential buyers listen to and are more willing to see what they have to offer. 

They place links to your product’s landing page within their content. Every time someone converts becomes a qualified lead or makes a purchase as a result of clicking on an affiliate’s link, you reward the responsible affiliate by paying them a commission. Above all, the channel is cost-effective as you pay only for approved transactions or conversions.

Tap referral marketing

B2B sales can be difficult to close, as it involves a lot of heavy lifting in terms of securing appointments with executives, creating data-packed pitches, and winning the necessary approval from different stakeholders.  A referral from a friend, colleague, or partner, backed up by strong reviews, can lead to purchases much more quickly as it adds an element of authenticity and trust. Encourage established customers to become your company’s ambassadors by offering discounts or free product upgrades. Ask for a quote for a press release, encourage them to write Google reviews, or share a short testimonial.

Create an omnichannel sales funnel

Today’s customers are everywhere. It’s therefore more important than ever to adopt an omnichannel sales funnel, including online ads, live chat agents, social media pages, and interactive websites. Keeping in mind increasing competition, phone calls and emails are no longer the most effective ways to make sales. It’s essential to tap your prospects across different channels. B2B customers now regularly use ten or more channels to interact with suppliers. 

If you feel you don’t have the bandwidth to do the necessary prospecting and lack the marketing resources to effectively run the campaigns, we’ve got you covered. With Linked Strategies, you’ll leverage targeted personas-based messaging to drive attention from high-value clients. You can also outsource and fully automate the process of driving new referrals with us. 

Contact us today and we’ll work with you for appointment setting with your most preferred leads and help you boost client engagement strategies.

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