Tips For Your B2B Business: Starting the New Year Strong

Tips For Your B2B Business: Starting the New Year Strong

Tips For Your B2B Business: Starting the New Year Strong

There’s nothing like a new year to set your B2B business up for success by reorganizing and reinventing strategies. This is the time to review last year’s results, set new business goals, and optimize the sales funnel. If you had to scramble at the end of the last year, actively prepare this time to maximize business performance. Here are a few tips to lay a good framework for strong B2B relationships. 

Schedule meetings

Invest time and effort into devising new and innovative sales strategies—how to have enough in your sales funnel to run the new sales year fully charged. You may have lost some time during the holiday season when your prospects were busy with vacations or meeting year-end targets, so be proactive in scheduling meetings now when leads are back in high spirits to discuss your solution. Train your sales and marketing teams to ensure conversions by scheduling employee training, team building, and professional development. 

Find the leaks in your funnel

Check your sales funnel to see where it’s blocked. Consider what needs to be shifted to optimize your funnel and maximize sales. Improve your sales pitch with data-driven insights—incorporate wins and success stories from last year. See if there are any drop-off points with the most dips in conversions. 

Also consider improving the CTA on ads, optimizing landing pages, and enhancing the checkout process. Set up processes to re-engage with leads who showed interest initially but fell through the cracks. A simple email letting them know  new solutions or deals are still available gives them front-of-mind awareness, as well as adds a personal touch to the conversation. Run an A/B test of the new version of the ad/CTA/landing page/checkout process against the current version and see which one wins.

Close the gap in communication

Don’t write off potential customers too soon; they may have simply gotten caught up in the holiday season. If you haven’t heard from them in a while, reach out with a season’s greetings. Just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing your messages. Keep trying with different messaging— you never know what clicks with them. 

Drive client retention

Focus on all stages of clients. It’s not all about new, but current and returning clients as well. Take a look at the deals you won last year and ask yourself how you’re going to keep them satisfied this year. Enhanced customer services, improved solutions, and better pricing are three ways. In fact, these loyal customers can bring in additional business with their referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

Leverage data

If you aren’t using the data capabilities yet, make data capture a priority this new year. Collect data regarding how much your prospects are spending, and what they’re buying, browsing, or searching for. Gauge what time of year you get the most sales, and what customers are responding to. Share all the data with your marketing and sales teams so  they can optimize outreach efforts. Also, train your sales professionals on how to present data-supported feasible solutions in line with the crucial pain areas of prospects.

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