How to Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

How to Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

How to Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

Generating a consistent flow of high-quality leads is necessary for sustainable sales growth. If you’re looking to optimize lead funnel, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you fill and maintain your sales pipeline with prospects that represent real revenue growth opportunities.

1. Strengthen outreach 

Strengthen your marketing activities at the top of the funnel. The audience is changing and your approach needs to change with them. So, experiment with different channels and see what works best for your brand. 

Try creating different kinds of content—whitepapers, blogs, e-books, case studies—to see what your ideal customers connect with most. Share data-driven arguments, and how your solution is unique to address the key pain points. Leads at the interest stage may be interested in such content to learn more about how you operate or compare your company with others.

Adjust your advertising messaging and CTA styles if that brings more eyes to your brand messaging, and thus more conversions. Social media also gives you considerable flexibility in generating leads, so exploit it to its full potential. Leverage network referrals to consistently fill your leads pipeline. 

2. Revive dead or stalled leads

Some of your leads may simply fall through the cracks somewhere in the sales pipeline. This may occur for several reasons: 

  • They were contacted the wrong way.
  • They weren’t convinced of the product’s value proposition.
  • There was either too little or too much follow-up.

It’s important to get these dead leads back into the conversion funnel and eventually change into converting customers. Look for opportunities to reconnect with dead leads. For instance, do this when  launching a new or upgraded product or when running a limited-time offer or discount. Send targeted and personalized messaging to this segment of leads to ensure your brand continues to focus on value-added offers for them. Don’t be afraid to test new tactics. You wouldn’t know if something works until you try. 

3. Close the gap in conversions

After closing a lead, move them along to the correct next step or team. Leave little to no space for a “lull” between phases. When the prospects reach your landing page, it should reflect what your brand represents, what you offer, and what the next steps are. 

Next, to move them through the funnel life cycle, your content should be supported by engaging CTA. It’s also important to reduce friction points at the conversion stage by looking at the following aspects:

  • Improve website loading speed
  • Enhance website design
  • Optimize sign-up forms
  • Offer multiple ways to pay
  • Simplify options and requirements
  • Simplify the checkout process with minimal steps
  • Add quick FAQs to address common generic queries

4. Ensure customer satisfaction

Build a strong customer support process. But what about those who don’t reach out? Ninety-six percent of unhappy customers don’t complain, and 91 percent of those will simply leave and never come back. To address this, periodically ask for feedback on their experience with your product. By doing this, you not only retain those who would otherwise leave silently, but you also receive testimonials from happy clients, which can be further promoted as proof of your expertise and credibility. 

Remember, existing customers are an excellent source of recurring business. In fact, the probability of selling to a new customer is 5 percent to 20 percent, while that of an existing customer is 60 percent to 70 percent.

5. Boost customer loyalty and advocacy

The funnel doesn’t end once the conversion goal is met. The customer experience just begins here. Once the marketing strategy generates and closes leads, your focus should now shift to customer retention. Customers who are rewarded for ongoing purchases feel valued and are more likely to stay. Incentivize loyalty by offering discounts, special services, reduced pricing, and exclusive offers.

One of the most important organic ways to optimize your lead funnel is to turn happy customers into a lead-generation strategy. Eighty-three percent of buyers say recommendations from friends and colleagues have the biggest impact on their purchase decisions. In the B2B landscape, the consumer journey shrinks considerably when existing customers recommend you to their peers.

Way Ahead

Overall, focus on lead nurturing and optimizing each stage of the consumer experience to keep leads moving toward the purchase. This is the best strategy for preventing prospects from slipping away and buying elsewhere.

If you’re facing a lack of high-quality, quick-to-close leads and spending too much time prospecting versus selling, we’ve got you covered. Linked Strategies help you cultivate the trusted executive relationships required to grow your business predictably and consistently. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to find, nurture, and set appointments with the right leads.

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