Five Tips to Enhance B2B Email Marketing Strategies In 2023

Five Tips to Enhance B2B Email Marketing Strategies In 2023

Five Tips to Enhance B2B Email Marketing Strategies In 2023

Email outreach is a tried-and-true method of reaching B2B customers—93 percent of B2B marketers rely on email. Email marketing may already be part of your outreach strategy. If you feel you’re not running campaigns effectively, the blog will cover five tips to help boost your email marketing strategies and consistently secure new B2B leads in 2023.

1. Update and grow email lists

Start the new year with a fresh perspective of lead nurturing. Grow your email audience list organically by reaching out to your network of colleagues, partners, industry leaders, or suppliers for genuine references. Keep your email list up-to-date. Audit and clean the list with the correct contact details of prospects. Archive or delete inactive addresses or remove fake ones. Ensure all those who had opted-out are removed. Devise strategies to send re-engagement emails to inactive subscribers. 

2. Segment your audience

It gives better results when you run relevant and targeted email campaigns. This is where account-based marketing comes into the picture. If you haven’t tapped into it yet, the new year is the right time to dive into it. Segment your email list into distinct batches so you provide the most appropriate information to the recipients. Create different segments based on the attributes you assigned to your target audience when you created buyer personas, such as job roles or decision-making powers of the executives, industry, business size, or budget.

3. Boost UX and UI to ensure the clicks land in actual sales

Sixty-one percent of marketers believe generating high-quality leads is their most prominent challenge. Not optimizing your landing pages can be one of the biggest loopholes in your lead-generation strategy. Things like faulty messaging, lack of transparency about product features and pricing, and unclear CTA can impact conversion rates. 

Ensure emails are mobile-responsive. Thirty-five percent of business professionals check email on a mobile device. It, therefore, becomes essential to fine-tune your emails at all possible touchpoints.

4. Run A/B testing 

Try A/B testing to discover more about prospects’ behavior, and what messaging connects more with them. This involves sending different variations of the mail to two different subsets of the audience. The goal is to figure out what delivers the best results in terms of clicks and conversions. For instance, try different subject lines or change the content in the different sets of emails. This will help you run better campaigns in the future.

5. Track results

Tracking metrics can be a game-changer for your business. Analyzing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, heatmaps, and bounce rates of past campaigns will help you determine the loopholes in your B2B email marketing strategy. Analyzing what worked and what did not can help you improve your next email campaign. Those who did not engage with your email with much enthusiasm can be pulled back into the game with re-engagement emails.

If you still feel you need expert guidance in running an email outreach program or nurturing prospects, we’ve got you covered. With Linked Strategies, you’ll leverage targeted personas-based messaging to drive attention from high-value clients. 

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