Pros and Cons of Cold Calling, and Should It Be Used?

Experts suggest cold calling is far from dead when it comes to B2B lead generation—fifty-seven percent of C-suite executives prefer to be contacted by phone. If you plan to include this approach in your sales arsenal but are confused about its effectiveness, we’ve got you covered. The blog covers the pros and cons of cold […]

The Five Most Efficient Prospecting Methods You Should Be Using

Sales teams across industries are struggling to tap high-quality leads and sustain engagement. If you truly want to connect with high-intent leads and cultivate trusted executive relationships, it’s time to revamp old-style prospecting strategies, such as cold-calling and email campaigns. If you need to fill your sales pipelines consistently and predictably, consider dipping your toes […]

Five Proven Tactics to Improve Brand Awareness and Attract High-Quality Lead

Having strong brand awareness is a major attraction for new prospects. A professional and well-composed brand speaks to your credibility. So how can you improve your brand to reach high-value clients? This article will cover the significance of brand awareness in securing high-quality leads, along with some of the best ways to boost brand positioning. […]

Five Ways to Re-Engage with Prospects After the Holidays

At the end of the fourth quarter, many people take time off work and business goes on the back burner. You may lose track of leads while they’re busy with vacations or engaged in budget planning and meeting year-end targets. It, therefore, becomes important at the start of the new year to reconnect and re-engage […]

Increasing Your Speed When Dealing With Leads

Leads today are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. Any business that fails to interact with a prospect immediately they reach out to risks losing them to competitors. This risk also applies to contacting leads as they enter your sales funnel.  Many companies also fail to establish communication as soon as they’ve identified a prospect. It’s […]

5 Proven Tactics for Re-Engaging Cold Leads

Cold leads are a common frustration many businesses experience in B2B lead generation. It’s a shared experience even with highly successful mega companies despite most businesses having incredible sales teams. Cold leads are so common, because, try hard as you may, some prospects simply don’t convert.  Having a high number of cold leads can be […]

5 Ways To Secure More Leads During The Holiday Season

The holidays can be challenging for building business relationships, especially when you’re not in the retail business. Since most B2B businesses will wind down for the holiday season, it’s essential to have a marketing strategy specifically designed for this period.  Coming up with an effective way of reaching critical players in the B2B landscape is […]

Types of Business Engagement Models

Building an efficient and healthy business relationship with your partners, clients, and colleagues is essential to a business’s success. Many businesses may not understand how to build an effective strategy for business engagement as it can be complex, especially in highly collaborative environments. It’s vital to provide a general framework for communication and engagement to […]

All About the C-Suite and How To Connect With Them

The terms C-suite or C-level executives are standard in the B2B landscape, especially concerning who to target when appointment setting. It can be challenging to approach these executives, so knowing who they are and the best ways to connect with them is essential. There’s no avoiding this process, as engaging the C-suite is something many […]

How to Use B2B Data to Elevate Sales

B2B data is a significant driver of major business decisions. It allows businesses to take informed actions in everything from marketing strategies to where it’s most profitable to invest or make purchases. Data is vital to B2B lead generation as it helps sales reps create informed pitches that speak directly to prospects. Despite how vital […]

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