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What’s the difference between B2B and B2C lead generation?

Lead generation gets defined in lots of ways. Some companies call data on prospects or a list of email addresses a lead. Others call a sales qualified meeting a lead. The difference between the two definitions is huge. None of them are wrong either – they are all “leads” in a sense, but some are […]

Why Cold Email Marketing is More Effective at Capturing Executive Leads than Content Marketing

‘Content marketing’ has become somewhat of a buzzword/phrase in the world of marketing these days. This inbound marketing practice is remarkably widespread. Just about every company is using some form of content marketing today. But why? And is it really effective? It is widely believed that ‘inbound marketing’ delivers more leads than traditional marketing. According […]

How to Consistently Generate High Quality B2B Leads

Every salesperson – and every company employing them – wants “the Glen Garry leads.” (If you haven’t seen the movie Glen Garry Glen Ross – you need to.) They are fresh leads from genuinely interested prospects with the purchasing authority to make a deal. In short, they are “high quality” leads representing real business potential. […]

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