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B2B Appointment Setting: Tips and Tricks to Ace the Sales Strategy

Mastering B2B appointment setting is crucial to succeeding at connecting and forming relationships with leads. These days, the sales process involves more than identifying leads and closing sales by any means. It consists of playing to the strengths of different sales team members and combining their skills to engage with promising leads. This is where […]

5 Ways to Fine-Tune Referral Marketing for B2B Lead Capturing

Referral marketing is an age-old marketing technique employed by many businesses. Referrals inspire trust and confidence in prospective customers and take little to no expense on the business’s part, which means it has great ROI. Referrals can come from anywhere, customers, thought leaders in your space, and competitors.  However, as more channels of communication open […]

Proven Ways to Activate and Grow C-suite Relationships

Connecting with C-suite executives is a challenge many sales reps and marketers face today. It’s a regular part of the sales process, especially when your business is just connecting with the C-suite’s firm.  Therefore, learning how to activate relationships with these high-level executives should be a critical part of your engagement strategies. You’re just one […]

How To Leverage Account-Based Marketing To Meet Sales Goals

Account-based marketing (ABM) combines expertise and efforts of the sales and marketing departments to deliver personalized marketing experiences to high-quality leads. This marketing technique targets only the highest value and best-fit leads. That way, you don’t waste time and resources marketing to prospects who may never convert.  It focuses on building relationships with leads, learning […]

5 Proven Strategies to Ace B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is no easy task, and it’s only becoming more challenging. Marketers are also on the lookout for new lead-generation marketing strategies. As technology evolves and new techniques are developed, lead generation becomes easier. Many strategies are available, but finding which will drive the most sales and increase ROI can be tricky.  We’ve […]

Why You Need To Start Doing Database Marketing Today

Even the most popular companies today still do a fair amount of marketing to keep up their sales numbers. Many new and traditional forms of marketing serve this purpose. Still, as marketing trends change and more contemporary techniques and regulations are developed, it’s good to have a failsafe method of reaching customers in your marketing […]

How To Leverage Data To Successfully Market to C-suite Executives

Going into a meeting with C-suite executives often leads to frayed nerves. Presenting your case as an internal staff or B2B salesperson needs to be done with data backed by research. You never know what direction the meeting will take, even if you’ve prepared a killer pitch. So, having a solid data-backed presentation can skew […]

Preparation: The Key to Running a Great Executive Meeting

Fail to prepare for an executive meeting, and the conversation will end within five minutes if you’re lucky. Time is of the essence when speaking with C-suite executives. If you want to make the most of it, you’ll need a well-structured agenda and a well-prepared pitch. What to know about C-suite executives C-Suite executives are […]

Relationship Marketing: Putting the Human Back into Sales

Over the past few years, with the rise of automated technology and the temptation to make software do everything, the human element of sales has faltered. But sales is a personal concept. That’s why relationship marketing is key to retaining existing leads and building lasting relationships with C-suite executives. Use this guide to improve your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Prospecting the C-suite

Lead prospecting C-suite executives require a unique strategy. There are specific tactics you need to lock in that will connect you with quality C-suite leads and nurture them through the sales funnel. If you haven’t had success selling to C-suite executives yet, you will now. Here’s the ultimate guide to prospecting and selling to C-suite […]

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