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Connect with the Executive Decision Makers You Need to Reach

Generating a consistent flow of high-quality leads and meetings is necessary for reliable and predictable sales growth. Yet most salespeople don’t have the bandwidth to do the necessary prospecting, and most B2B companies lack the marketing resources to effectively do it for them.

CLEARLIGHT helps companies generate, on average, 100 to 200+ prospect-qualified meetings per year with their most ideal decision makers – no matter how senior the target. And we guarantee results!


We open the door to executives of the companies you want to reach

We’ve helped our clients book appointments and ultimately close deals with top executives from a wide range of leading companies across all verticals, including over 80% of the Fortune 500. Here is just a sample of some of the companies we’ve helped our clients penetrate ~

Two Programs to Predictably Grow Sales Revenue

Executive Direct Response (EDR)

We employ a proprietary and proven direct email outreach program targeted to your most ideal executive prospects as defined by industry vertical, company size, geography, technology, or job title, and create custom messaging segmented by personas.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Similar to EDR, except you hand pick the organizations that represent your dream clients – and we’ll deploy a multi-contact, executive colleagues approach to elevate awareness and engagement within those organizations to ultimately drive positive response and meetings.

More than Leads – Guaranteed Executive Meetings

 – Improve visibility & awareness of your brand among your target

 – Share your inspiring story to engage and build trusting relationships with key senior level executives at companies that fit your prospect profile

 – Convert positive interest into a guaranteed number of leads or scheduled meetings with key decision-makers for your offering that represent real business opportunities for your company

We deliver meetings with people who have positively expressed genuine interest in what you offer and have the organizational clout to make a deal happen. Or, as one of our clients said:


“When I get on the phone with your leads, they are exactly who I want to talk with, they know why they’re there, they know why they’re interested, and they’re my easiest leads to close.”

Our Executive Direct Response program tends to work best for companies who:

  •  – Have a unique & compelling offer
  •  – Are in the B2B market
  •  – Are clear on who their target market is
  •  – Are selling a high-ticket item that requires a relationship with a key decision maker
  •  – Have an effective sales process in place.


While there are many offering lead generation or appointment setting services, what we do is uniquely different. Not only do we guarantee results, we also are hyper-focused on quality. We do not outsource or cold call to secure meetings with high-level executives, nor do we simply hand over email addresses for anyone who’s downloaded a white paper or opted in to a newsletter.

How it Works


Target Your Ideal Executive Buyers

We work with you to define the right level executives, in the right industries, in the right size companies in the right locations around the world – or a targeted list of companies – using the most accurate data sources available on the market.


Peer-to-Peer Executive Engagement Model

We write and send email messaging on behalf of your senior executive in a model that our experience and testing has shown to be over 400% more effective than typical email marketing campaigns.


Proven “Secret Sauce” Copy Approach

Our professional writing team works closely with our clients to develop campaign messages that tell your inspiring story using our proven 5-Psychological Triggers model that ultimately gets attention and response from typically hard-to-reach executives.


Managed Campaign Delivery

We deliver our Executive Direct Response campaigns across our proprietary email platform to deliver you a predictable new pipeline of executive leads and offer full dashboard visibility into campaign responses and metrics.


Meeting Scheduling Service

Our Sales Development Rep Services (SDR) team can follow up and nurture all campaign responses to convert interest into scheduled meetings via calendar integration. They’re highly experienced and professional in representing your brand, and maximizing quality meetings.


Guaranteed Results

Our unique approach results in a consistent flow of inbound high-quality executive prospects in as little as 60 to 120 days. Plus, we guarantee our results so you know we’re accountable.

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